Distribution Information

Scentre Group Distribution Policy

Investors in the Scentre Group will receive distributions from each component of the Stapled Security comprising dividends from Scentre Group Limited as well as distributions from Scentre Group Trust 1, Scentre Group Trust 2 and Scentre Group Trust 3. These combined distributions will be paid to investor's half-yearly no later than two months after the end of each half-year.

Scentre Group's proposed distribution policy will be to pay out up to 100% of FFO. The policy allows for retention to fund capital expenditure requirements as determined from time to time by the Scentre Group Board, and is subject to review by the Scentre Group Board at its discretion, including in relation to general business and financial conditions.

Payment of Distribution

Your distribution can be received via:

Direct Credit 

Your distribution payment can be automatically credited to your financial institutions account. It can be paid into an Australian bank account, building society, credit union or cash management account. Direct Credit Instruction forms are available on this website at Securityholder Forms or you can update your details online via www-au.computershare.com/investor. A statement setting out details of the distribution payment will be sent to you on the day of payment.

Note: Non-resident securityholders will be sent a cheque if they have not provided bank account details.